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Works by artists such as Picasso, Pollock, Cèzanne or Édouard Manet will share this exhibition with those by El Greco.


We will see the decisive influence of El Greco´s work in the origins of Modern Painting, especially for cubism and expresionism. 

Site: Museo del Prado

Date:  from June 24th to October 5th

Curator: Javier Barón

Coordinator: Lucía Villarreal


The purpose of this exhibition organised by El Prado Museum is to highlight the important influence that El Greco's work had on the origins of the most radically modern painting approaches, beginning with Édouard Manet and Paul Cézanne.


Of special importance is the analysis of El Greco's influence on Picasso and the origins of Cubism, as well as the decisive inspiration that the Cretan artist's work provided to the different Expressionist movements that emerged throughout the twentieth century in Europe and America.

This is a magnificent exhibition project, whose brilliant and astonishing insights will undoubtedly constitute a landmark regarding our knowledge and understanding of El Greco's work.

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