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EL GRECO: Painter & Master

We will have the opportunity of comparing in situ different versions of The Disrobing of Christ, The Crucifixion or Saint Francis, among many others.



This exhibition will show works by El Greco together with replicas and variations made with the participation of artists of his workshop. 

Site: Museo de Santa Cruz

Date: from September 9th to December 9th

Curator: Leticia Ruiz

Coordinator: Jordi Penas


El Greco's emergence within the world of Spanish painting during the last third of the sixteenth century marked the advent of a new and innovative way of painting, both in a pictorial sense and in terms of addressing those compositions of a religious nature that presented themselves. In turn, El Greco was obliged to adapt to the artistic and commercial practices of Spain at that time, essentially in Toledo, which is where he would settle definitively as of the 1580's.


Starting with his earliest commissions in Toledo, El Greco relied on a group of craftsmen and assistants who enabled him to create a series of altar-pieces, in addition to a series of other more minor works, destined for a varied clientele that included different parishes, convents and numerous private clients.


The establishment of a permanent workshop in the painter's house led to a complex creative dynamic in which El Greco took charge of the most important works himself, as well as producing the prototypes for his most popular compositions, based on the subsequent elaboration of replicas, variations and copies featuring different degrees of participation on the part of the workshop.


The essential purpose of the exhibition is to reflect upon and present this complex productive process by encompassing El Greco's entire output in Spain through a series of his most outstanding works.



To be shown in Spain for the first time


This Exhibition will bring to Toledo works that have never been shown in Spain. Among them. some from several private collections will fly to Toledo from the Great Britain, the United States or Mexico.


Around 75 works will gather for this extraordinary exposition.

The Apostolate of Almadrones will be shown for the first time since its dispersion after the Spanish Civil War. It will be exhibited together with the complete series of the Apostolate of the Marquis of San Feliz.


A unique opportunity to contemplate, in the same place, four of the most interesting Apostolates by El Greco.


To be seen

Around 94 works by El Greco, his toledan workshop and some of his followers´ will be shown in this exhibition:
















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